Security & Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle tracking will provide that extra peace of mind. You’ll always know where your staff and assets are via live tracking 24 hours per day. Tracking systems can be OHS compliant and Australia A Tick approved.

Vehicle Tracking & Theft Protection

Our tracking solutions are compact and weatherproof and use the latest in cellular and GPS tracking with internal antennae and backup battery, offering the ability to track any asset in the most demanding conditions.

Solar powered versions are also available so that no external power supply is required making it ideal for trailer tracking and the monitoring of environmental and performance sensors via digital inputs.

Accessories include an RFID card reader to establish driver identification, cold chain monitoring systems, and a data console with built in screen and keypad for information capture.

Live tracking is via computer or smartphone with a scalable map in road or satellite form showing the location of all your assets with a sidebar setting out their status latest position, last registered speed and street address.

Live Tracking

Trip reports and “snail trail” maps are all available as well as Alerts that allow you to be notified of events via SMS and email such as speeding, after hours usage, maintenance intervals etc. As an additional security feature, geo –fencing is standard and tamper or tow away alerts may be set to detect interference after hours.

TRACK IN A BOX by GoFinder provides a complete window on your business and can be installed nationwide via the CAM specialist network.

Imagine if your car could call you to let you know it was under attack or where it was? Well it can’t talk but when its fitted with a state-of-the-art vehicle tracking or security system it can ‘SMS’ you and provide online positioning and status reports.


An immobiliser is a component that is fitted to the vehicle which disables the appropriate electrical components when the system is armed. It is possible to have up to three points of immobilisation in a vehicle depending on the capabilities of the system being fitted. Immobilisers can be armed by way of, touch keys, transponders (proximity), remote control or even via a mobile phone for the ultimate in car security.

It is important to note that although immobilisers are an excellent deterrent against the theft of your vehicle they do not offer sufficient protection of your vehicles interior or contents.


Alarm systems combine the security of an inbuilt immobiliser with the addition of external sensors and sirens to offer a greater degree of protection for your entire vehicle. Alarms can be tailored to you and your vehicles individual requirements with the addition of different sensors and programmable features.

Optional sensors offer extra protection by way of tracking sudden movements or impact to the vehicle, by setting fields around and in the vehicle that monitor for changes in temperature or air pressure and sensors that ensure that the vehicle is not lifted or tilted. All sensors are not necessarily ideal for every vehicle which is where we will be able to advise you on the best options to suit your vehicles requirements.

Factory integration

Alarms are generally armed via the supplied remote control or alternatively they may be controlled through your vehicles factory supplied keyless entry remote controls. This integration into factory systems is refereed to as an alarm upgrade and is available for most modern vehicles with factory supplied remotes. It offers you the advantage of increased security whilst maintaining a factory appearance and no additional remotes hanging from your key ring.

Reliability Through Expert Installation

Security systems come in many different forms and many different price ranges and it’s important to understand that the effectiveness of a security system has as much to do with the installation as it does the product selection. This is why we use only the best, most reliable products on the Australian market and our installation technicians have access to the highest levels of training and vehicle specific information available. So when it is time to secure your vehicle contact us and we’ll advise you on the best possible solution for you and your vehicle.

Featured Security & Tracking Products