Dash Cams & DVR Recorders

Who Needs a Dash Cam Recorder (DVR)? Imagine you’ve been at work all day and return to your vehicle to find that someone has run into it and caused some serious damage… and unfortunately in this case there is no note, not even an apology. What do you do? Your only choice is to claim it on your insurance and pay the excess.

Featured Dash Cams & DVR Recorders

The Difference a Dash Cam Can Make

Now imagine the same scenario with your vehicle installed with a Thinkware Dash Cam recorder that automatically senses the impact and records the incident, capturing the offender in the act and recording their registration number. This time when you make your claim and file the incident to the police you have all the proof you may need to not only claim the damage with their insurer, but also have them finned for leaving the scene of an accident. Now this seems a much fairer situation doesn’t it?

Easy DIY Dash Cam Recorders

There are a number of in-car drive recorders on the market and the range starts with a basic plug in style unit that attaches to your rearview mirror and is powered from your vehicles cigarette lighter. These drive recorders offer the simplest solution and record high quality footage with date and time stamps onto SD cards, making them perfect for travel when you may jump into many different vehicles including friends or hire cars.

Integrated Dash Cam Recorders

If you’re after a more permanent and integrated solution for keeping your vehicle protected there are a number of solutions available that can incorporate multiple cameras to protect both the front and rear of your vehicle with a hideaway recorder. The advantage of multi camera systems is that they effectively film 360 degrees around your vehicle while the hideaway recording module can store significant amounts of high-quality footage. The hideaway module also keeps your footage safe in the event of a serious accident or if the cameras are removed or stolen.

More Than Just a Video Recorder

The range of in-car drive recorders is ever-growing, with features including GPS tracking, log-booking and even Wi-Fi technology to share the recorded footage with popular web browsers and even Smartphones. They can be used for both personal or business use and are suitable to just about any form of vehicle. Talk to your local CAM dealer to see which in-car drive recorder will best suit your needs.