Dash Cam & Drive Recorders (DVR)

dash cam and drive recorders DVRs

The range of Dash Cam and Drive Recorders is ever-growing, with features including GPS tracking, log-booking and Wi-Fi technology to share the recorded footage with popular web browsers or Smartphones. They can be used for both personal or business and offer great peace of mind when it comes to an extra pair of eyes looking over your pride and joy.

dash cam and drive recorder diy

Easy DIY Dash Cam Recorders

There are a number of Dash Cam’s and in-car drive recorders on the market and the range starts with a basic plug in style unit that attaches to your rearview mirror and plugs into your vehicles 12V socket. These drive recorders offer the simplest solution and record footage onto SD cards, making them perfect for travel when you jump into different vehicles including friends or hire cars.
dash cam and drive recorder integrated

Integrated Dash Cam Recorders

If you’re after a more permanent and integrated solution for keeping your vehicle protected there are a number of solutions available that can incorporate multiple cameras to protect both the front and rear of your vehicle. The advantage of multi camera systems is that they effectively film 360 degrees around your vehicle and can store significant amounts of high-quality footage. These systems can also be hard-wired for a more permanent and reliable power source.

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