Apple CarPlay & Android Auto

apple carplay and android auto display

Update your Car, Truck or SUV with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with the latest in premium aftermarket solutions. It creates a whole new level of mobile entertainment and let’s you make calls, send text messages and navigate the streets or your media files all via voice control.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Vehicle Specific Packages

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Vehicle Specific Packages

Let your local CAM Specialist open up a whole new range of mobile entertainment options with vehicle specific facia’s and panels that allow the integration of a whole range of products and solutions into many popular Cars and SUV’s. Many solutions are easily removed when it comes time to return that leased vehicle or company car.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Maps

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Maps

Getting reliable navigation right there on your car’s dash has never been simpler. Thanks to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay you can easily connect your Smartphone to your compatible unit turning it into a powerful navigation solution. Be it from your Apple Maps, Google Maps or popular navigation Apps like Waze Navigation App. Plus it can be vice controlled and directions are both visual and audible ensuring you make that next turn.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Messages

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Messages

Send and receive messages with-out taking your eyes off the road. It’s simply a matter of using voice control to dictate a new message or listen to recently received messages. All played back through your car’s speakers.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Music

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Music

Have access to your entire music collection through your favourite apps or content services like Apple iTunes. Search by artist, album or song and see what’s up next. Plus you can even use Siri and voice control to play your favourite song.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Hands Free

Apple CarPlay & Android Auto Hands Free

Integrating your Smartphone with a compatible Android Auto or Apple CarPlay device ensures you can make and return calls without taking your eyes off the road. You can even access voicemail, all you have to do is ask!

Want to Know More About Apple CarPlay & Android Auto?

Your local CAM Specialist is the perfect place to discuss your mobile entertainment, infotainment or driver assist technologies to suit your vehicle.

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