Touring & Towing

If you’re planning the cross-country trip of a lifetime or just getting away for the long weekend, CAM specialists can equip your vehicle with everything you could imagine.

CAM specialists pride themselves in offering the sale and installation of specialist in-car technologies, working closely with preferred suppliers to ensure the products installed into your vehicle perform at their best – no matter how far you travel. From driver aids like cruise control and reversing systems to uhf communication and solar power systems, CAM specialist installers have you covered.

In-Car Camera & Recorders

With the increase in ‘road-rage’ and insurance related incidents, installing a compact in-car Dash Cam Recorder with either an integrated or stand alone recorder can take the stress out of claims. The latest recorders can be either temporarily installed or hardwired into your vehicle.

Automatically capturing footage which may help your case in court, or provide a watch over your vehicle while stationary and out of sight.

Cruise Control

Command cruise controls can be installed into just about any vehicle from motorhomes to the latest 4WD and commercial vehicles. It provides the advantage of maintaining a safe travelling speed, so you can focus on the road ahead and not your speedo.

Some cruise control systems also have advanced programming to allow multiple speed settings (80/100km/h) – perfect for switching between towns and the highway. Plus you can choose from either stalk or steering wheel aftermarket controls

UHF Communication

A quality UHF installed into your vehicle is great for keeping in touch with the rest of your convoy while on the road or even you loved ones while camping when combined with some handhelds.

A UHF radio also allows you to keep in touch with fellow motorists to find out about road conditions and possibly avoid traffic or dangerous conditions.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is a great way to keep track of your travels and protect your investment at the same time, providing real-time tracking through web based browsers and mobile devices like your SmartPhone.

GPS tracking is also great for log-booking and asset management when used in work vehicles and business related machinery allowing you to manage travel, times and asset movement. Tracking modules are expertly installed out of sight and are suitable for many conditions.

Solar Panels & Regulators

In a country with plenty of sun it makes sense to harness its energy to provide power for the creature comforts of home while out camping or use solar systems to keep your vehicle’s battery system topped up while left stationary.

There are a huge range of solar systems available and they can be either permanently installed or simply plugged in as needed.

Running Lights

The latest in lighting technology, DRL or Day Light Running lights offer the safety of high visibility while around town or out on the open road.

CAM specialists also have access to a range of the latest lighting technologies to enhance your nigh-time driving needs, keeping you safe and sound at any time of the day or night.