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In Car GPS Navigation, with so many options in the market it is hard to know which is best for your needs. Sure you can search online, read reviews or ask around but the best way to know which system is right for you is to try it out.

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Portable Navigation Device (PND)

The easiest way to introduce in-car GPS navigation into your vehicle is to purchase a PND and stick it to your window. Pretty simple really and more than suitable for most basic GPS navigation needs. While the PND option offers up a very easy and cost effective solution there are a number of things to consider when it comes to extending the functionality of the device when it comes to optional extras like Bluetooth, reversing cameras and even making use of the screen for in-car entertainment. One of the shortfalls of all PND devices is their reliance solely on GPS to accurately position your vehicle and when used in cities with large buildings or where satellite visibility is obscured by dense trees and foliage they can be slow to react and inaccurate.
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Factory Replacement In Car GPS Navigation Systems

Even if your vehicle wasn’t originally fitted with a factory GPS navigation system, it is possible to upgrade and still retain a factory look. These aftermarket OEM GPS units are designed for vehicles that have unique or heavily integrated dashboard cosmetics and electronics. They also accommodate additional services and electronics such as the climate and heater controls, trip computers and even security systems and advanced vehicle control modules. OEM styled GPS navigation units like those from Opal also incorporate extensive in car entertainment options like in-car DVD, iPod and iPhone integration and have provision for hooking up reversing cameras.
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Aftermarket In Car GPS Navigation

Aftermarket in car GPS navigation systems offer the greatest range of solutions and flexibility for vehicles fitted with a standard single of double DIN slot. Much like the OE style Opal GPS navigation systems, an aftermarket GPS offers additional features for further integration of technologies like dual-zone entertainment, iPod & iPhone control and reversing camera and auxiliary video inputs.

One of the strengths of an integrated aftermarket GPS navigation unit is the accuracy afforded by the addition of Vehicle Speed Sensors (VSS) and vehicle data collected via can-bus systems where applicable. While this all sounds a bit high-tech, what it means is that even with temporary loss of satellite data the unit will accurately track your vehicle to ensure it stays up with the flow of traffic. Lets face it, if a GPS is slow its as good as useless… well you’ll end up doing more than one loop of the block at least once (or twice).

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