UHF Communication

handheld or compact mounted uhf

Whether you’re constantly on the road hauling large loads across Australia or you just want to communicate between vehicles on your annual road trip, a UHF radio will keep you informed and connected.

compact uhf from gme australiaCompact UHF Radio

One of the big developments with modern UHF radios is the size, with major brands bringing all of the features of the larger DIN units into a small chassis.

Mounting flexibility also increases with the introduction of microphones with LCD screens and key buttons so that you can keep focused on the road ahead. There are also a number of GME UHF‘s available that allow you to mount the control unit under a seat or out of sight with just the microphone accessible for use.
handheld uhf product

Handheld UHF Radio

Hand held UHF radios available from both Uniden and GME are also a popular choice for people when heading off road and camping, often sold in pairs a good quality handheld UHF can be used by passengers or kids when out camping to communicate back to base camp if they are out exploring.

Handheld UHF radios can also provide cost effective communication device across close range even at home. Some top end handheld units have a range of up to 12km with an impressive 5 watts of TX output power.

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